Ernst Haeckel: connecting science and art

First of all, I hope your Valentine’s Day was fantastic. Secondly, I must commemorate Ernst Haeckel, one of the ‘founding fathers’ and early influence of my area of study, Ecology. Today is his birthday, and although he doesn’t get the publicity that others have, Ernst Haeckel has had substantial impacts in the scientific world. He became particularly renowned for his unique illustrations, however, which united both science and art. I think it is important for us to have both in our lives. If we are curious about the world, – – and we should be – then we should feel enthralled explore it by any means necessary.

Here are some of Ernst Haeckels drawings, though he had impacts in other fields such as ecology, embryology, zoology and phylogenetics.












It is understandable why his artistic became much more renowned than most of his other work. Many of these organisms seem too surreal for this world. Nevertheless, Ernst Haeckel was a remarkable scientist and artist, and leaves behind a legacy of inspiration.


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