Useful Websites

Here is a list of some of my favourite websites, in no particular order of preference:

1. Project Noah: an online community based on exploring, sharing, and discovering nature. Great for those interested in photography, or simply the aesthetics of nature.

2. Zen Pencils: Gavin Aung Than is a dedicated artist, who develops quotes into exceptionally well-designed comics. He has so many wonderful comics, that I cannot even pick a top ten list! I find them apt when passion, motivation, or optimism are lacking.

3. In terms of general scientific news, some of the sites that I regularly use are: Not Exactly Rocket ScienceScienceDaily, NewScientist, Scientific American, and ScienceNews.

4. National Geographic: somewhat useful for travel inspiration, and basic scientific information. Not to mention, a spectacular collection of photos, et cetera.

5. Scale of the Universe 2: an interesting online tool for exploring outer space from your computer. Anyone with interests in astronomy might find this fun.

6. OneZoom Tree of Life: useful for discovering organisms that you’ve never seen or read about, as well as for visualizing the relationships among organisms.

7. Songza: Music for almost every occasion! I’m starting to use this more often when studying, but it would also work during cooking, reading, dinners, pretty much anything you can think of. 8tracks is another – but somewhat less useful – site with the same premise.

8. Learnist: if you have a particular area of expertise, and wish to share it with others online, Learnist is one place to start. I find this site particularly useful when I am starting fresh on a novel topic. Wikipedia does work at first, but this site is a lot more fun! (I find it useful for indulging my novice interests in Astronomy.)

9. Coursera: if you don’t want to spend a lot of money to take classes on a University Campus, this website has a generous selection of online courses, all of which are FREE and taught by professors/lecturers of the designated Universities! Of course, you aren’t going to receive recognized credits for these courses, but if you love learning, why not indulge a bit?

10. NASA: a brilliant site with a lot to offer. If you’re interested in Astronomy, keep up to date with news, and learn about anything to do with astronomy.


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